Country Hills


Dear Dr. Patin & Everyone,
Thank you so much for the love & care you always showed Winchester. He was extremely special to us. Your care gave us an extra 2 years with him! We always felt like Dr. Patin & everyone at Country Hills treated him like family. That meant the world to us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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"Thank You to everyone at Country Hills for making a tough time a little easier. Your care & concern meant a lot to both of us."
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"Dr. Patin & Staff - We would like to express out extreme gratitude for the amazing care you took with Lucy during her knee surgery & the following weeks of recovery. The time you took to make sure she was healing well & in good spirits was amazing! She is doing great at home, she hasn't been this active in months. Thank you again, so much - you guys are the best!"
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"I adopted my Brussels Griffon from a rescue and was recommended this vet by a fellow Brussels owner. I used to go to Becker Animal Hospital which is literally the worst place in San Antonio to take your pet to. I was unaware of the reviews and bad news of that place at that time. Ever since I came here I knew I would stay here for all my doggies life. It's been years now and I still come. My dog has had 2 different surgeries and all her yearly checkups and I can tell you the prices are reasonable (all vet bills are pricy) the staff is always friendly and always remember my pups. Dr. Patton has true concern for your pet and is always helpful and friendly. I live in San Antonio and make the 45 min drive for anything my pets need because they are worth the health care and the friendliness."
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"Dr Patin, his wife Sheli, and their team, go above and beyond just veterinary medicine. Not only does Dr Patin see multiple species, and provides excellent service to owners, they also help multiple rescues. We have used Dr Patin for close to, or even more than 15 years. He saw my cattle for 4H in high school, and then has treated my horses after college. I found myself in animal rescue about 5 years ago, and since then they have saved more animals than I can remember. They have treated these rescues for little to no cost to the shelters. And most received very costly surgeries, heartworm treatments, or intensive care. Then they've taken the animals and socialized them, and made them ready for adoption! All the while the animals stayed with them in the clinic. Some even slept in the Patin's own home!!! It's not about the money. It's about the well being of animals, and improving their quality of life! His clinic is well worth the visit!"
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"I love Dr. Patin an Sheli. They are big hearted and caring. They give to their community by helping some very lucky shelter dogs. They don't have to do this and they do it without waiting any Glory or Praise. What AMAZING PEOPLE!@ I could go on but what can I say but you are in good hands here!@!@"
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"Dear Dr. Patin and staff, Thank you so much for taking care of "Day" (Gisela's cat)! It was SO appreciated."
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"Dear Dr. Patin & the entire Country Hills team, Thank you so much for the love & care you've given to our dogs Diesel and Bucky. We really appreciate all you did to help them live long happy & healthy lives. Bucky and Diesel brought us a lot of love & joy and they brought happiness to everyone they met. Thank you for helping make that possible. Thanks too for your kindness as we said goodbye to them. It meant a lot."
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"Dear Dr. Patin & Staff, Thank you for all that you did for Darby over the years. I truly appreciate your kindness and concern while he was in your care. I know he appreciated it as well. He especially enjoyed boarding with you. You were all so good to him."
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"Dear Kenny, what a totally unexpected blessing we received yesterday when paying our bill for Darcy & Flynn. I was blown away by your thoughtfulness. I truly felt a blessing as it has been a traumatic couple of weeks --- family stuff. You are a blessing to us and we are so thankful to have you, and for all you've done over the last several years. My heart was filled with joy yesterday. God bless! P.S. did I say "you rock!"
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"I brought my Lulu in on a Monday due to her inability to keep anything down for almost 4 days. After a few days of being there, she had to have surgery and Dr. Patin basically saved her little life. She had a blockage in her intestine and he removed it and kept her for a few more days to recover. When I went to pick her up 5 days later, I was expecting to pay more than I did and was shocked when it wasn't what I expected. Thank you Dr. Patin and Country Hills Vet staff for taking such good care of my little dog daughter!!"
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"Dr. Patin, his wife Sheli, Heather and the entire staff are the most professional, compassionate and caring people you could ever hope to find your take care of your pet. My pet kangaroo was in crisis for over a week. I was having difficulty securing a vet that could look at him or had time to look at him immediately. Within minutes of calling Country Hills Veterinary Clinic my call was returned by Dr. Patin himself. Within 24 hours I had been to the vet, my kangaroo had had a complete workover was diagnosed, treated and was back home and feeling better and munching on his food. I am grateful beyond words for these people. Thank you thank you thank you."
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"I highly recommend Country Hills to anyone who needs a veterinarian. Dr. Patin and his team of technicians always give excellent, efficient and thorough care 100% of the time. Whenever one of my animals has a health problem or just needs a check up I can trust Country Hills Vet Clinic to give my animals the care they deserve! Thank you for being a great vet clinic serving this hill country area."
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"To Dr. Patin & the entire team... Received your precious card with Wally's image. I have had to do many unpleasant things in life. This was the hardest and my world has truly been rocked since I had to lose Wally so abruptly. Thank you for being there for me. To the young lady who convinced me to leave Wally for cremation... THANK YOU! I would have buried him & lost him forever. Now he's here at home with me."